About Me

Harassed at work

Dr Bernard Shevlin

NHS GP since 1972 (now part-time) Special interests: communicating with children, Orthopaedic Medicine, Clinical Hypnosis, lecturing and teaching.

Email: b.shevlino2 [at] gmail.com


Shared Care for Neurology. Book with Professor Martin Samuels (Harvard) and Professor Karl Misulis (Tennessee). (Pub: Martin Dunitz  2002)

Psychiatry in General Practice (handbook with Goldberg, Priest, Trethowan et al circa 1982)

Abdominal Pain in General Practice: Chap in Current Approaches in Gastro-Enterology (pub 1992)

“Little Bellyachers”. Article on children with recurrent abdominal pain.

Lumbar Spine; examination and manipulation (Pulse Medical Magazine)

The Amazing Adventures of Henry and Ho-Ho (pub word4word). Therapeutic bed-time stories for children.

Ten Minute Treats. 17×10 minute short stories (Pub: Oakamoor)

Lectures Given


Hypnosis in General Practice to BMA (Toronto c. 1982).

Time factors in Hypnosis to World Congress on Hypnosis (Holland 1990)

“A Blue Peter guide to the human brain”. Frequently requested lecture which incorporates elements of Hypnosis, patient communication and the placebo effect.

Full Day Tutorial on Hypnosis given solo to the Birmingham Branch of BSMDH

(British Society of Medical and Dental Hypnosis). Repeated by special request May 2008.

A Blue Peter Guide to the Human Brain: lecture given at the Royal society of Medicine May 2009

Backache and Orthopaedic Medicine

Several courses given at St. Thomas’ Hospital for the Cyriax Foundation (circa 1990). Current lecture on Orthopaedic Medicine is entitled:

“A Homer Simpson guide to soft Tissue Diagnosis and Pain Management.”fdd

Miscellaneous topics

Politics of Prescribing

The guts and Gripes of Gastro-Enterology

Presenting Complaints that get up your nose (Headache Dizziness and TATT)

“You’re only as old as your arteries” (Strategies for staying young)

Exercise-induced Asthma: Atlanta for AAFP (2001)

Acute Exacerbation of Chronic Bronchitis (do)

“Diarrhea” and “Abdominal Pains in Children” At the AAFP (American Academy of Family Practice), San Diego 2002

“Hypertension Sucks” London 2007

Depression: the most common infectious disease you’ll ever see.

Humour in Medicine: No Laughing Matter! (QE Birmingham 2007)

Many lectures given in UK: Also 2 lecture tours of the USA, lectures in India, Cuba, Viet Nam, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Istanbul, Portugal, Dublin, Berlin, Crete, Florence, Sorrento, etc mostly to English speakers.

Most Recent Lectures

Paediatrics in General Practice

“General Practice: its part in my salvation” (to Med Students)

Laser Lecture to grand Rounds (laser pointers are issued to the audience and chose from 60 lecturettes by directing their pointers at the topic of their choosing.)e

Hobbies and things

Bass player in The Swinging Sixties, a Medical, Charity Rock Band (so far raised >>£150,000)

Doctor on Local radio for about 33 years; now just intermittent “appearances”

Therapeutic children’s stories (“The Amazing Adventures of Henry and Ho-Ho”)

After Dinner Speaker and ex-member of PSA (Professional Speakers Association)

(Gave the Friday evening after-dinner speech at the annual event 2007)

Religion: Laughter (born-again Laughtarian)