Short Stories


I believe passionately in the short story (by that I mean a story which  takes between and 6 and 18 minutes to read, though it should be read slowly!). Such stories should never be written by rote – they should have a deeper meaning, whether they are exploring a philosophical truth, an innate human emotional contour, a dramatic tympany or  … Keep reading

The Tipping Point


The Tipping Point

“But, Dad, you said that the virus was only mild when it started?”

“Yes, yes, indeed I did, son. And I was wrong. When the experts got together and sorted through the information, it became clear that, without specialist help, it would almost always result in certain death.”

“But you had the Gravida Virus, and you survived … Keep reading

The Tipping Point (sequel)

The Tipping Point: The Sequel

True to his word, he had memorised the number from Martin and after a long pause cautiously punched in the numbers:

“The Tipping Point,” he said into the microphone. He waited patiently:

“The Tipping Point,” he said more loudly.

“The Tipping Point” he said, louder still with just a crack of desperation in his voice.… Keep reading

The Rose of Costa Rica

The Rose of Costa Rica
2,928 words
9 minutes 45 seconds

Jose Arias paused. He went down on one knee and sniffed the beautiful flower. His companions looked on with admiration as his eyes looked upwards and he drank in the beautiful aroma. When had he first smelt that glorious smell of the angels? Maybe first in church when he … Keep reading

The Osprey

The Osprey

(2764 words)

Compton McKevedie smiled back at George.

“Sorry my friend, this time it is final!”

George sighed: this was his top surgeon – the best on the team! He not only did the work of at least  three other surgeons but he was a “lucky” surgeon, with stunning statistics, incredibly low complication rates, adored by his patients … Keep reading

The WitchDoctor

The WitchDoctor

(2588 words)

The flames from the four large fires scattered the shadows of the tribe onto the trees and up into the overhanging canopy. The ritual wail of fear and supplication rent the air as they all bowed to the great seer, the witch doctor, who protected them from harm.

He was a man beyond the rest; taller … Keep reading

Das Oberhund: the Superhound

Das Oberhund (the Superhound)
3,263 words
About 10 minutes and 52 seconds to read

Even when we went to their church, they could not conceal their revulsion and loathing of us. Picture if you will, my dear reader, that desperately poor young family two adults and four children, taking up a single pew, heads bowed in prayer and trying so … Keep reading

The Stalker

The Stalker

(2,694 words)

Jaleesa finished milking and began collecting the eggs into her basket. The sun was beautifully hot and the flowers rejoiced in the clean desert air; the bees, too, were about their work and there would be much honey for all the brethren. She cried out loud a salutation to the god Jehovah who made such wonders … Keep reading

The Wise Man of the Mountains

The Wise Man
About 9 minutes 55 seconds

Choden Yappur sat at the shrine and prayed for enlightenment. The temple was in the foothills of the mountains, where the air was straight from the hands of Buddha- clean – clean and pure. Rarely would a monk visit the village, which numbered a mere 39 souls, but the shrine was … Keep reading

The Cougar

The Cougar
2,500 words
8 minutes and 30 seconds to read

I was born a city boy; more particularly, I was born a slum boy – a slum where I belonged, a slum in which I wallowed, a slum in which I thrived. I was happy there, surrounded as I was by friends and allies so that the stench, the … Keep reading