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10-Minute Treats by Bernard Shevlin10 Minute Treats. (Bernard Shevlin. Bennion Kearny Limited.)

10-Minute Treats is a  collection of 17 short stories across different genres including Crime, Science Fiction, Comedy, and Adventure. “Diverse, stimulating, and wonderfully succinct  10-Minute Treats offers the reader a number of evocative, thought-provoking, and plain entertaining tales that can be read in (or around) 10 minutes each.”                                                         “I am sure that most readers will want to return to each story at least one more time to discover new insights and the book is perfect for transporting the reader to a different world, whether waiting at a bus stop, or at an airport, or as a quick bedtime story before putting out the light. And it comes in a nice pocket size for travellers!”

” ….writing that engages you so quickly …. to say so much using only a few words is astonishing.”              “..a fabulous read…. exciting and moving. I could not put this book down and read it in one go.”

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The Amazing Adventures of Henry and Ho-HoThe Amazing Adventures of Henry and Ho-Ho.  (Bernard Shevlin. Word4Word publishing.)

The bed-time story is an ideal antidote against our stressful and problematic modern life-styles and re-enforces the bond between parent and child. These wholesome stories deliver handsomely on the promise, harking back to solid human values, and help the child have a peaceful nights sleep! The first twelve stories do just that, and thus far, every child who has experienced them has enjoyed them enormously.
Before I had even thought about publishing them, something happened that made me realise the potential of the bed-time story. A 7 year old was brought to me by her mother with the complaint that: “Since the next door neighbour died she is having nightmares and panics and won’t let me out of her sight! Please help her!” I really didn’t have an idea about what to do, but desperate to try something I asked mother to read the little girl a bed-time story every night (from Henry and Ho-Ho – only in draft stage) and phone me to let me know if she had enjoyed them. The report was very positive, the little girl having thoroughly enjoyed all the stories. I then set to work on a story to help the little girl (“Uncle Samson’s Strange Gift”) with she herself appearing in the story and having her problems addressed. The cure was instant and permanent! Since then I have written several stories targeted at individual children with particular problems and had some very impressive results. In retrospect, this is hardly surprising, as the child listening to the story is in a very “suggestible” state – probably akin to hypnosis, and ‘targeted’ helpful suggestions are very likely to help. Since then I have written several stories targeted at different problems of childhood (stories 13 – 18).

“These are truly charming stories that hark back to a more innocent age of ice creams and hot air balloons. Obviously a roller-skating elephant requires a stretch of the imagination, but my god-daughter loved the stories and found them very reassuring. The discipline of having to read them to the child is also very beneficial.”                                                                                                                     “These are truly uplifting stories that can also help children to deal with the problems of real life. Every home should have a copy if they have children. ”

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Shared Care For Neurology.  (Bernard Shevlin, Karl Misulis, and Martin Samuels. CRC Press.)

“[This book] fills an important gap in the medical literature … Shevlin, Misulis, and Samuels have achieved a remarkable feat by bringing exciting new research into the family practitioner’s surgery. I am personally grateful for a neurology text which does not leave me with headache, dizziness, fatigue and memory loss.”  The Lancet Neurology