The Spoils of War

The Spoils of War
(1815 words)
6 minutes to read

The fire spat its celebrations at the clear frozen air; tomorrow would be a great day. As the silent open sky watched on, a neutral umpire with no rule book, the unit was noisy with that wild certainty of imminent victory. The men were totally untouched by the bitter frost, … Keep reading

The Return

2,348 words
Reading time 7 minutes 50 seconds
There was something different. It did not bother him in the slightest – nothing did in this world – but he had to maintain a professional curiosity.
“Perform a Level D check on all systems,” he intoned evenly.
Six years, alone, hurtling through space in “The Wedge” had left him indifferent to … Keep reading

Meal with Heroes

Meal with Heroes
830 words
About 2 minutes 45 seconds to read.

It was a Bank Holiday Monday and everyone I knew was ‘off work’ – apart from me. It was in my early days as a country doctor, and I still resented the long hours on duty, at the beck and call of some 20,000 patients. Looking back, I … Keep reading

The Teapot

The Teapot
(1,063 words)
3 minutes and thirty seconds to read
Sadly this is a totally true story.
It was my early days in rural general practice, trying to do a job I found virtually impossible. I would see over 60 patients per day in my “surgeries” (clinics), we would do sessions at a local prison and at a local … Keep reading