Comments on stories published online

The Return                                                                                                                                                                        6 years spent alone in a small space craft: what would motivate someone to volunteer for such a mission and what  would be the impact on his attitude when he returned?

Das Oberhund:                                                                                                                                                                 Devotion to his dog and its tragic death leads the solitary hero of the story to explore this “superhound’s” lineage through archaeology and to find some terrifying truths about himself.                

Meal with Heroes:                                                                                                                                                           A true story from my early days of general practice when I bumped into an old soldier and learnt yet another lesson from my fabulous patients!

The Cougar: A fairly compelling story I hope you agree, but really about the pain and beauty of unrequited love. (Note that this story is in the book “Ten minute Treats.”)

The Teapot: General Practice has taught me so many lessons and this true story is just one of them. I feel that one of the attractions of a career in medicine is that, as a doctor, you have wisdom thrust upon you, just by seeing and experiencing so much with patients! This story is also in the book “Ten Minute Treats.”

The Spoils of War: Our human history is full of the savagery of invasions and unspeakable brutality to the conquered, but how did these people feel and how could our species survive such horrors?

The Wise Man of the Mountains: An idealistic orphan boy in the mountains of Tibet seeks wisdom and sets out on his Holy Quest to find it; however, what we eventually discover may be quite different form our expectations.

The Rose of Costa Rica: An action story about a man who flees his village to become a revolutionary and the perfect leader; he is also totally mentally healthy, always seeming to be able to chose the perfect emotion for the situation at hand, even in coping with his own death. 

The Osprey: When a top surgeon retires to seek refuge in wild nature, he discovers that, like the osprey hunting, we are at our most magnificent when we are extended to our limits.

The WitchDoctor: How the leader of the tribe keeps the tribe together and under his control. How could he possibly be replaced?

The Stalker: The story is called ‘the Stalker’ because death stalks us all – we all must die some day and each day of life brings death a little closer. Only through Love can we truly embrace death and the three stories, I hope, illustrate that. The Jewish story keeps faithfully to the the historical Massada  and the mass suicide of 74 AD. The Pilgrimmage is based on the Misere, composed  by Gregorio Allegri in c. 1635 and kept under great secrecy in the vatican to be performed only during Holy Week; it was finally transcribed by Mozart and “released” to the world.