Henry and Ho-Ho

Henry and Ho-Ho!
Therapeutic stories for children


As a full-time  Family Doctor for 35 years I have been constantly reminded of the stresses under which so many of our modern children live; single-parent families are increasingly common, extended family support is increasingly rare and the continual barrage of TV violence and the horrors of the nightly news conspire to make their world a dangerous and insecure place.

The bed-time story is, in many cases, the ideal antidote to such a modern life-style, with bonding between parent and child and wholesome stories which hark back to solid human values, at least helping the child have a peaceful nights sleep! The first twelve stories do just that, and thus far, every child who has experienced them has enjoyed them enormously.
Then, about 15 years ago, something happened that changed my views; a 7 year old was brought to me by her mother with the complaint that:

“Since the next door neighbour died she is having nightmares and panics and won’t let me out of her sight! Please help her!”

I really didn’t have an idea about what to do, but desperate to try something I asked mother to read the little girl a bed-time story every night (from Henry and Ho-Ho) and phone me to let me know if she had enjoyed them.

The report was very positive, the little girl having thoroughly enjoyed all the stories. I then set to work on a story to help the little girl (“Uncle Samson’s Strange Gift”) with she herself appearing in the story and having her problems addressed. The cure was instant and permanent!

Since then I have written several stories targeted at individual children with particular problems and had some very impressive results. In retrospect, this is hardly surprising, as the child listening to the story is in a very “suggestible” state – probably akin to hypnosis, and ‘targeted’ helpful suggestions are very likely to help.

Now I am retired, and the possibility of being able to help hundreds of children is my main purpose in life. Please, as a caring parent, help me to extend this help to others. Some of the stories in Part Two you may adapt to help your child (by changing the name and details about the central character to fit your child), or I will be happy to write a special story targeted at your child’s problem. You can always contact me by e-mail (b.shevlin02@gmail.com) with any suggestions or problems.

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List of stories

1. Henry Meets Ho-Ho

2. Henry, Ho-Ho and the stolen silver.

3. Ho-Ho learns to skate.

4. Henry, Ho-Ho and a very strange thief.

5. Henry and Ho-Ho: Donkey in Distress!

6. Ho-Ho’s magic button.

7. The Case of Mr Scroggins

8. Ho-Hos tree under threat.

9. Henry has trouble with Tommy Travis.

10. Henry, Ho-Ho and a very mysterious illness.

11. Ho-Ho learns to sing.

12. Ho-Ho goes missing.

13. Uncle Samson’s strange gift

14. Mollie and the rat-hoppers

15. Joseph’s upsetting experience

16. Good People help each other

17. Henry, Ho-Ho and the bug-flies

18. A problem with water

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